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A Tribute to My Children

One day when I was walking down a lane,
I saw time peeping out of the pane.
It came and asked me of my experiences,
I smiled and told her of my variances.
The life I lived, the food I ate
Walking by now, we had reached my gate.
There I saw a gong man standing with big scales,
To weigh my life’s riches, pains and hales.
I quickly put all my riches, smiles and property on one side,
And on the other I put my students love and pride.
And lo! The scales bent and touched the ground
Where children of my today and yesteryears were found.
Time started ticking and bid me adieu,
Unable to change me into a person anew.
I love you children now and ever,
In times to come today and forever.

-S. Mathur


Recently, I thought to pen down my feelings to describe FESTIVALS OF INDIA and my reaction was –what??? Festivals are not things that need to be commented upon or give a lecture; they are the spontaneous overflow of emotions for any Indian. They are the expressions I would say so. Festivals are a part and parcel of our Indian sensibility or to put it right they are the soul mate for us Indians.
There are hundreds of festivals that embellish India which are celebrated in billions of ways and enfetter with one commonality i.e. they not only glorify our past rich, vibrant heritage but even are instrumental in transcending our deep founded traditions and ethics in our progeny. This is the reason that we are known as well as understood to be a diverse country with variable culture, languages, clothes and traditions. Celebrating festivals is celebrating Indian diversity!!!!
Someone has rightly quoted that if you want to explore any country just browse through its festivals and travel through its culture and existence and you will have an enjoyable journey into its heritage. Then mark it right India is the right destination. Ranging from the festivals of light to that of colours, the country has got it all. When we play holi we not only mix colours and shower them but we actually blend our love, emotions and wishes to pour on all. If you have not been to BERSANA you will not understand the hypnotic effects of Krishna’s flute ; if you have not visited KASHI you can’t feel the piety of the Ganges and if you have not been to PURI you will not realize the gaiety one feels on visiting temples and if you have not visited TIRUPATI you can’t imagine the vibrations that emanate and transcend .And out of all if I miss out the dazzling lights and earthen lamps it would snap the festivity out of the entire topic for what Diwali is to India is what breath is to a being.
Next are the festivals that flash my mind are centered to the divine fields of India that beckons one to enjoy and render the auspice to even the simple event of harvesting thus making we Indians celebrate Onam, Baisakhi, Lohri ,Bihu ,Chath , Navratri and et al.
It was only our ethical values that enabled us to stand ramrod straight and face the ravages of time.
Now I feel my account of festivity would fizzle out if I would miss out the same rang de basanti feeling that comes straight from our hearts and assuage the patriotic fervor when we pompously celebrate REPUBLIC DAY &INDEPENDENCE DAY.
Raksha Bandhan is like a staple diet without which the Indian calendar is surely incomplete and tying a sacred thread to the brother’s wrist might sound weird in some erstwhile places but is the festival of – ‘promise -I care’ for Indians 
To wrap up my voyage of taking you on a festive tour I would culminate saying that festivals are not an excuse to be merry or enjoy a holiday but they cement the entire sub continent   together. They are just like a subtle rainbow that mothers all hues.

“They are a thing of beauty which is a joy forever,
Its loveliness increases
It never passes onto nothingness.”

 -Ashima Kathuria

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